Gift of Stock

Contributions of stock provide valuable support to SIFF and can also provide significant tax benefits to the donor.

The value of your transfer of stock is calculated as the average between the high and low quotes on the day your stocks leave your control. For example, on July 1, when you mail a stock certificate for one-hundred shares to SIFF (or the day your broker transfers the stock into the SIFF investment account), the high is $24 and the low is $20. At the average price of $22 per share, your gift is worth $2,200.

If you have owned your stock for at least one year (appreciated stock), you will receive a tax deduction for the full value of its appreciated value at the time of your donation.

Your transfer of appreciated stock avoids the paying capital gains tax and you do not pay commissions for selling the stock. (Brokerage fees are paid out of your donation, however.) These advantages make it possible to give larger gifts than if you give only donations of cash.

If you would like to donate stock to SIFF that has depreciated in value since you bought it, we recommend that you sell your stock and write a check to SIFF in order to claim the loss and pay less in taxes.

To make a contribution of Stock contact Tim Wagner at Edward Jones (206.285.0072) or Catherine Muth at SIFF (206.315.0667 or email) to inform them of your gift.

Please provide your name, name of the security, number of shares and date of transfer.

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