SIFF Education

Upcoming Events

Cinema Dissection

Winter / Spring 2017

Cinema Dissection affords film lovers an exciting opportunity to dig deeper into the films that they love. Over six hours, an expert facilitator will share the stage with audience observations as they work scene-by-scene through a great film.

The spring line-up includes Vertigo (March 26), and Sunset Boulevard (April 29).

SIFF Education Classes!

Early 2017 features a cornucopia of wonderful class offerings through SIFF Education.

Don't miss these great opportunities to dig deeper into your knowledge and appreciation of the art of film! We're exploring the influential work of filmmakers Paul Thomas Anderson, Errol Morris, and Douglas Sirk, digging into '70s Thrillers and the influential films of the '60s Counterculture, and celebrating films made in WA State!

Film Camp

Spring Break Filmmaking Camp

April 10 - 14, 2017

Make a movie in five days, meet some new friends, have a lot of fun! SIFF's Spring Break Filmmaking Camps for 9-12 year-old filmmakers are a great primer for students who are interested in experiencing the process of making a short film. Taught by a professional media educator and experienced mentors, SIFF's five day exploration of the art form is the perfect way to spend Spring Break.