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The 1,000 Eyes of Dr. Maddin

France | 2015 | 65 minutes | Yves Montmayeur

The films of Guy Maddin are as deliriously eccentric and mildly perverse as the man himself, whose singular career and cornucopia of influences are explored in interviews alongside kindred spirits like the Quay Brothers, John Waters, Udo Kier, and Isabella Rossellini.

June 4, 2016
SIFF Film Center Festival  
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June 5, 2016
SIFF Film Center Festival  
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The most prolific maker of 19th- and early 20th-century-style films still lives today. Over the years, director Guy Maddin has charmed and sometimes confused SIFF audiences by blending the earnest naiveté of cinema’s earliest decades with a bemused absurdism. The result is a series of movies unlike anything made before or since. French documentarian Yves Montmayeur caught up with him at Maddin’s 2012 installation, Seances, at the Pompidou Center in Paris, where he worked with actors like Udo Kier, Geraldine Chaplin, and Maria de Medeiros to summon lost films that were either destroyed or never made. (Note: Seattle cinematographer and frequent Maddin collaborator Ben Kasulke can be seen several times.) Along with Kier, actress Isabella Rossellini and others talk about what it’s like to work with this mad filmmaker from Winnipeg, while John Waters speaks in admiration of his filmmaking and fetishes, as seen in movies like Sissy-Boy Slap Party or the seemingly pro-incest themes in Careful. Montmayeur gets Maddin to talk not only about the inspiration of historical films, but his own history of growing up in a “gynocracy” of women in his mom’s beauty salon. The 1,000 Eyes of Dr. Maddin is perfect for those who already know his films as well as those who’d like to know more about them.

Director Biography
Yves Montmayeur is a journalist, film critic, and documentary filmmaker with interests in film genre and director biographies. His latest film, The 1,000 Eyes Of Dr. Maddin, won Best Documentary on Cinema at the 2016 Venice International Film Festival.

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Director: Yves Montmayeur
Principal Cast: Guy Maddin, Udo Kier, Stephen Quay,Timothy Quay, Isabella Rossellini
Premier Status: US Premiere
Country: France
Year: 2015
Running Time: 65 minutes
Producer: Thierry Tripod
Screenplay: Yves Montmayeur
Cinematographers: Yves Montmayeur
Editors: Fabien Bouillaud
Music: Manorexia, J. G. Thirlwell
Website: Official Film Website
Awards: Venice International Film Festival 2015 (Venezia Classici Award for Best Documentary on Cinema)
Filmography: Michael H. Profession: Director (doc, 2013); L'incertitude des Choses (doc, 2013); Pinku Eiga: Inside the Pleasure Dome of Japanese Erotic Cinema (doc, 2011)
Language: English
Format: DCP
International Sales: Taskovski Films
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