February / March 2015


Breathing in Wartime

d. Curtis Taylor | USA | 2013 | 10 min

Breathing in Wartime is a circular narrative that elides the transformation of an industrial district with the uncertain progress of its citizens.  


d. Michael Langan | USA | 2007 | 6 min

Surreal? How about floating carrots, mysteriously recurring tennis balls, and a man tangoing with an Oldsmobile?

A Finger, Two Dots Then Me

d. David Holechek, Daniel Holechek | USA | 2012 | 8 min

Derrick Brown's spoken word poem cinematically takes a dramatic look at death, life, and love.

Fresh Guacamole

d. PES  | USA | 2012 | 2 min

Need some culinary inspiration? Try some vintage ingredients.

Great Adventures

d. Gerard Lambkin | Australia | 2012| 7 min

A sweeping, suburban epic that celebrates the power of imagination and the bond between generations.

Jim & Frank

d. Tony Borden | USA | 2011 | 4 min

Jim doesn't want to hire anyone but his wife, Frank doesn't want to work for anyone but himself, but fate is pulling the strings to bring them together.

The Last Marble

d. Manjari Makijany | India | 2012 | 8 min

Sometimes children teach us what we can never learn from adults. True happiness is when one can create joy in another's life.

The Only Time We Have

d. Amy Enser | USA | 2013 | 10 min

What does it mean to be the last in a lineage? The Only Time We Have explores the day in a life of an elderly man who reflects back on a sliver of time that changes the course of his life forever.

Photograph of Jesus

d. Laurie Hill | United Kingdom | 2008 | 7 min

An archivist recounts some of the strange and often downright bizarre inquiries made for photographic images from his agency.


d. Dan Brown | USA | 2007 | 7 min

The adventures of a suave mouse by the name of Pierre.

The Three Stars

d. Ben Andrews | USA | 2013 | 10 min

Amid an atmosphere of mounting cultural and economic tensions, an innocent stopover brings an elderly shop owner, a business man, and his wife together in an unexpected and powerful tale of prosperity, longevity and good fortune.


d. Sarah Gurfield | USA | 2012 | 6 min

After losing a playful 'thumb war' to his date, our hero embarks upon a grueling ROCKY-esque training regimen.

Two Friends

d. Lulu Gargiulo | USA | 2013 | 10 min

Two Friends is a day in the life of Bobby, a gregarious 80-year-old nursing home resident and his caregiver Solomon, a shy African immigrant. In this unlikely relationship, we see that there's more than one way to care for a friend.  

Western Spaghetti

d. PES | USA | 2008 | 2 min

Only the finest vintage materials for this Italian feast.


Friend Request Pending

d. Chris Foggin | United Kingdom |2011 | 12 min

Dame Judi Dench discovers the wonders and aggravations of flirting via Facebook.


d. Matt Steinauer | USA | 2013 | 5 min

A hard-boiled tale following Gumshoe, a private eye hot on the trail of his missing partner. In this world of femme fatales and hired goons, the truth lies beneath.

Hannah & Otto

d. Chris Volckmann | USA | 2014 | 8 min

A story of happenstance, and how the most important moments of our lives are only made possible by seemingly insignificant decisions.  

Junko's Shamisen

d. Sol Friedman | Canada | 2009 | 11 min

A young Japanese orphan exacts poetic justice on a malevolent samurai lord.

The Killer Diller

d. Joon Chang | USA | 2013 | 5 min

A private eye investigating the mysterious deaths of beautiful dancers finds more than he expects.


d. Jake Wyatt | USA | 2011 | 5 min

A young girl chases a mysterious fox through a secret door and into a subterranean wonderland to retrieve her stolen train ticket.


d. Bracey Smith | Neil Dvorak | USA | 2013 | 5 min

What do you do when you're born with music pouring out of your heart?

Sea Folk

d. Morgan Henry, Josh Hayward | USA | 2014 | 8 min

Seattle was built on sea shanties and the bones of mariners; it is impossible to fully grasp the city without spending time on the waters that surround her.


d. Tony Fulgham | USA | 2014 | 8 min

Watching his neighbors navigate the treacherous waters of young love, George is moved to look at his marriage of thirty years.

Super. Full.

d. Niam Itani | Qatar, Lebanon | 2010 | 13 min

A poor gas station attendant promises to take his wife to a birthday dinner at a new luxury hotel.

Sweetly Broken

d. Chung Lam | Czech Republic, USA | 2012 | 6 min

When a boy puppet is separated from the girl puppet he loves he will go to any length to reunite with her.


d. Natasha Subramaniam | Alisa Lapidus | USA | 2011 | 6 min  

It's moldy food vs fresh food. Warning: eggs lose their lives.