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SIFFcast is the official podcast of SIFF. We are extremely excited to bring you exclusive interviews with some of SIFF's biggest and brightest stars. Each week we'll bring you exclusive interviews with directors, actors, writers, producers, and composers from across the festival and around the world, about their art, influences and craft. 

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As You Are

Brent Stiefel - Producer of As You Are

March 27 2017

On episode 56 of SIFFcast, we welcome producer Brent Stiefel to the show. Brent is the founder of Votiv, a media entertainment group based here in Seattle. Brent is the producer of the new movie As You Are, showing at SIFF Film Center starting Friday April 7th.

As You Are  stars Charlie Heaton ("Stranger Things"), and Amandla Stenberg (The Hunger Games). Set in the early 90's, it's the story of three teenagers who spend their days skipping school, getting stoned, and ignoring their romantic urges until a shocking act of violence changes everything.

You're Killing Me Susana

Robert Sneider - Director of You're Killing Me Susana

March 17 2017

Filmmaker Roberto Sneider joins the show to talk about his new film You're Killing Me Susana , which is showing at the SIFF Film Center, this weekend (3/17-3/19). He and Jeremy talk about casting this film, what it took to write it, and a whole lot more. Sit back relax and enjoy another episode of SIFFCast.

Cedya Torun

Ceyda Torun - Director of Kedi

March 3 2017

SIFFcast becomes SIFF-CAT! Director Ceyda Torun joins us to talk about the incredible response her film has received from audiences around the world and how screening at SIFF helped her secure distribution. It's a PAW-SOME episode so check it out right...MEOW.

Ben Fountain

Ben Fountain - Author of "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk"

March 2 2017

Ben Fountain joins us to discuss his acclaimed novel, recently adapted into a film by Ang Lee. Ben talks to Jeremy about writing Billy Lynn, the current political climate, and the groundbreaking technology involved in bringing his novel to the screen

Eddie Muller

Eddie Muller the "Czar of Noir"

February 17, 2017

On today's show we're excited to welcome writer Eddie Muller - the Czar of Noir. Eddie's in Seattle this week to promote SIFF's Noir City film festival, taking place at SIFF's glorious Egyptian theater from Thursday February 16th to Wednesday February 22nd. He joins Jeremy to talk about the origins of Film Noir, his thoughts on the best noir films from around the world, and how he decided upon which films to program for this year's festival. Guns, girls, heists, and holdups! All that and more in our NOIR CITY episode of SIFFcast!


John Wick

Chad Stahelski - director of John Wick Chapter 2

February 10 2017

On today's show we are joined by acclaimed filmmaker Chad Stahelski, director of John Wick Chapter 2. He and Jeremy dig deep into the creation of the character, the expectations of mounting a sequel, and how working as a stunt coordinator helped prepare him for work as an action director. We're also joined by friend of the show and fellow action movie buff Paris Nguyen (What's Good 206) for a conversation in the studio. He and Jeremy review John Wick Chapter 2 , and discuss the current state of Hollywood action movies. All that and a whole lot more in the newest episode of SIFFcast! WARNING: THIS SHOW CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS.

Penelope Spheeris

SIFFcast 50th Episode Part II - Featuring Penelope Spheeris

January 31 2017

On the second half of the 50th Episode Spectacular we welcome back our very first SIFFcast guest - filmmaker and punk icon Penelope Spheeris (Wayne's World, Decline of Western Civilization)! She joins Megan and Jeremy to remember the late Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, reflect on the best films of 2016, and Decline's admittance to the National Film Registry. Additionally, Producers Alan and Daniel list their top five favorite things from pop culture in 2016. Sit back, relax and enjoy the second half of our 50th episode of SIFFCast!

siffcast tobolowsky

SIFFcast 50th Episode: Part I

January 10 2017

We celebrate our 50th episode of SIFFcast with a two-part Year in Review podcast, looking back at the Best of 2016. For part one, we're joined by returning guests Stephen Tobolowsky (Groundhog Day, "Silicon Valley") and Dean Haglund ("The X-Files"). They help us ring in the New Year with a behind the scenes look at some of the most exciting television moments of the past year!  

Love Witch

Kirsten Johnson (Director of Cameraperson)

December 23 2016

On the latest episode of SIFFcast we speak with filmmaker Kirsten Johnson about her latest documentary Cameraperson, which has been on the shortlist for the Academy Awards. She looks back on her 25 years working in the industry and shares her thoughts on the role of the filmmaker in areas of conflict.

Love Witch

Anna Biller (Director of The Love Witch)

November 21 2016

On the latest episode of SIFFcast we speak with filmmaker Anna Biller about her new film The Love Witch , opening at SIFF November 25th. She talks with Jeremy about casting decisions, how she came up with the aesthetic of the film and feminism in modern cinema!

Beth Barrett

Beth Barrett on Cinema Italian Style

November 8 2016

Ciao! SIFF's eighth annual Cinema Italian Style festival starts this week! On today's very special episode of SIFFcast we speak with SIFF artistic director Beth Barrett about her top picks for the festival. Beth also shares her thoughts on the state of modern Italian cinema and gives us an inside scoop on what goes on behind the scenes in programming a festival. It's a great episode so check it out and be sure to attend Cinema Italian Style from 11/10-11/17 at SIFF Cinema Uptown. Grazie!

Robert Eggers

The Halloween Episode 

October 31 2016

On the Halloween edition of SIFFCast, we dip into the vault to bring you a haunting interview with Robert Eggers, director of The Witch. He talks about the making of the film and also his favorite horror movie scores! In addition, Jeremy talks with acquisitions manager at SCREAM FACTORY, the home video distribution company. They talk about the release of the holy grail of horror movies, The Exorcist 3. Sit back, relax and try not to be too scared from this episode of SIFFCast.

Fede Alvarez

Fede Alvarez (Director of Evil Dead and Don't Breathe)

Oct 26 2016

Our Halloween Showcase enters its third week with a spine-tingling interview with filmmaker Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead, Don't Breathe). Fede shares his thoughts on female protagonists in horror films, the inception of Don't Breathe, and what it was like to work with veteran director Sam Raimi. Join us for a dark and spooky journey with one of the most exciting new voices in genre filmmaking on the newest episode of SIFFcast!

Mike Flanagan

Mike Flanagan (Writer/Director of Oculus and Hush)

October 17 2016

For the second part of our SIFFcast Halloween Showcase we have a special treat. Filmmaker Mike Flanagan (Oculus, Hush, Ouija: Origin of Evil) joins us on the show to provide an in-depth analysis of his career. He and guest co-host Alan Lamberg discuss their time in film school, their artistic influences, and the key to executing the perfect horror set piece. Actress Katie Siegel also pops in to talk about playing the lead role in Flanagan's Hush. The episode also features an exclusive sneak preview of Flanagan's next film - the newly announced Stephen King adaptation Gerald's Game!!

Blair Witch

Dan Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez  (Directors of The Blair Witch Project)

October 10 2016

On today's show, we excited to welcome the filmmakers behind one of the most influential horror films of all time - It's the movie that launched a thousand found footage films and even now, over 17 years later it's still one of the most effective - The Blair Witch Project! Directors Dan Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez are on the show today. They'll be talking with us about the making of the film, their favorite memories from the set, and their thoughts on Adam Wingard's recently released sequel - Blair Witch. It's a great show so sit back, relax and enjoy our terrifying conversation with the makers of The Blair Witch Project !!

Sasha Lane

Sasha Lane (American Honey)

September 30 2016

On this week's episode newcomer Sasha Lane (star of American Honey) joins the show. She tells us about her unconventional start to acting, how she and her castmates bonded, and the importance of this powerful story. Learn all about the making of this extraordinary film on an all-new SIFFcast!

John Waters

John Waters (Director of Multiple Maniacs)

September 23 2016

This is it folks! On today's episode of SIFFcast we have a special treat. Director/writer/actor/stand-up comedian and King of Trash himself - the one and only John Waters joins the show to share his thoughts on the newly remastered Multiple Maniacs, in theaters again for the first time in decades. Multiple Maniacs is replete with all manner of depravity, from robbery to murder to one of cinema's most memorably blasphemous moments! John shares his thoughts on shock value, no-budget film-making, his appearance on the Simpsons and so much more. So without further ado, sit back, relax and get ready for a radical new episode of SIFFcast!

Jesus Christ Superstar

Ted Neeley (star of Jesus Christ Superstar)

September 6 2016

On the newest episode of SIFFcast, we welcome actor and musician Ted Neeley. Neeley is most well-known for his acclaimed turn as Jesus in the 1973 film adaptation of Jesus Christ Superstar as well as numerous theatrical productions of the musical around the world. Ted shares his favorite memories from the set of the film, and the making of the original Broadway show. And if that wasn't exciting enough -Ted will be in Seattle on September 13th to screen Jesus Christ Superstar at the SIFF Cinema Uptown as part of a new nationwide tour. He'll share his thoughts on the tour and what audiences can expect right here on our show! So sit back, relax and enjoy our conversation with Mr. Ted Neeley!

For the love of spock

Adam Nimoy (Director of For the Love of Spock)

September 2 2016

Just in time for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, on today's episode of SIFFcast we're excited to welcome Adam Nimoy, son of Mr. Spock himself - Leonard Nimoy. Adam joins us to talk about his new documentary For the Love of Spock - a personal, intimate, and loving documentary that explores his father's life and career, especially his iconic role everyone's favorite Vulcan - Spock. So sit back, relax and enjoy our long and prosperous conversation with Adam Nimoy.

Southside with You

Richard Tanne (Director of Southside With You)

August 26 2016

On today’s episode of SIFFcast we have a very special guest. Director Richard Tanne joins us to talk about his new film Southside With You. Inspired by Barack and Michelle Obama's first date, Southside With You  recounts the eventful summer day in 1989 when a young law firm associate named Barack Obama tried to woo a lawyer named Michelle Robinson during a daylong date. The film is released nationwide on Friday August 26th. We spoke with Richard about his inspiration for the film, how he found the perfect actors to play Barack and Michelle, and his thoughts on this year’s election.


Jonathan Lynn ( Director of Clue)

August 19 2016

On today's show we talk to director Jonathan Lynn, whose 1985 cult film Clue will be featured at a special shadow-cast screening at the SIFF Cinema Egyptian Friday August 19th at midnight. Lynn is also the director of such hit films as My Cousin Vinny, The Whole Nine Yards, as well as the creator of the award winning British shows Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister. He shares with us behind the scenes stories about the making of Clue, as well as his thoughts on the newly announced remake. It's a great show so sit back, relax and enjoy our conversation with Jonathan Lynn.

Tattoo Nation

Eric Schwartz (Tattoo Nation)

August 16

On today's show, Megan and Jeremy are joined by photographer and filmmaker Eric Schwartz. His film Tattoo Nation tells the true story of the Ink Revolution, and the pivotal role played by the Chicano Community in revolutionizing tattooing, taking it from the early prison style to the amazing art form it is today. They discuss tattoo culture, their dream tattoos and what it was like working with actor Danny Trejo. All that and more on the newest episode of SIFFcast!

Phantom Boy

Alain Gagnol (Director of Phantom Boy)

August 16

Director Alain Gagnol joins the show to talk about his newest animated film Phantom Boy. Opening at SIFF August 19th, Phantom Boy is the story of a young boy with the ability to levitate outside of his body and help solve crimes.
NOTE: Alain's portion of the interview was conducted in French, with English translation.

Reel NW

REEL NW with Ian Ebright, Aimie Vallat, and Shawn Telford

July 22 2016

REEL NW features independent films from and about the Pacific Northwest, showcasing the region's talents, stunning environment and the issues that affect the Pacific Northwest.
We spoke with directors Ian Ebright (1:30), Aimie Vallat (46:00) and Shawn Telford (65:00) about their films screening on REEL NW.

D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus

D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus (Unlocking the Cage)

July 12 2016

Filmmakers D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus join the show to talk about their new film Unlocking the Cage. The film follows attorney Steve Wise as he seeks to establish legal person-hood for select species of animals in the United States.
Pennebaker directed the highly influential documentaries Don't Look Back and Monterey Pop. Chris has directed the award winning film and together they have produced The War Room, Moon Over Broadway, and Kings of Pastry.

Steve De Jarnatt (Mircle Mile and Cherry 2000)

July 2016

Director Steve De Jarnatt joins the show to talk about the upcoming SIFF screenings of Miracle and Cherry 2000. He and Jeremy talk about his historic class of directors at AFI, the making of his films, the current state of the industry and so much more!

Florian Cossen

Florian Cossen (Coconut Hero)

June 11 2016

Director Florian Cossen joins Jeremy to talk about his film Coconut Hero.  They talk about what it was like casting for the movie, filming in Canada, what films inspired Florian and so much more.

Viggo Mortensen and Matt Ross

Viggo Mortensen and Matt Ross (Captain Fanstastic)

June 11 2016

Director Matt Ross and King of Gondor Viggo Mortensen join Jeremy to discuss their new film Captain Fantastic.  They discuss where the idea for the film came from, balancing the development of characters while still advancing the plot, and so much more.

Jim O'Heir and Ned Crowley

Jim O'Heir and Ned Crowley (Middle Man)

June 11 2016

Actor Jim O'Heir (PARKS AND REC) and director Ned Crowley join Jeremy to discuss their film Middle Man, which is making its premiere at SIFF.  They discuss filming in the dessert, setting cars on fire and so much more!

Megan Griffiths and Lou Diamond Phillips

Megan Griffiths and Lou Diamond Phillips (The Night Stalker)

June 5 2016

Director Megan Griffiths and actor Lou Diamond Phillips join Jeremy to talk about their film The Night Stalker, a psychological thriller about one of California's most notorious serial killers, Richard Ramirez.

Chanya Button and Laura Carmichael (Burn Burn Burn)

June 4 2016

Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith on Downton Abbey) and director Chayna Button sit down with Jeremy to discuss their new film Burn Burn Burn, making its North American premiere at SIFF. A female buddy-comedy road trip, the film joins Seph and Alex as they stow their late friend's ashes in Tupperware and take off to fulfill his last wishes of being scattered throughout the UK.

Runar Runarsson (Sparrows)

May 30 2016

Runar Runarrson, director of the film Sparrows, joins the show. He and Jeremy discuss the film as well as some interesting parts of fundraising for film in Europe. WARNING: This interview has spoilers for the film and touches on sensitive topics.

David Novack (Finding Babel)

May 30 2016

David Novack, director of Finding Babel, the story of Soviet writer Isaac Babel's and the journey his grandson goes on to piece together a grandfather he never knew. David and Jeremy talk about how this film came to be and so much more!

Robbie McCallum (Atlantic Heart)

May 29 2016

Robbie McCallum, director of Atlantic Heart, joins Jeremy for a fascinating conversation. They discuss the history of Cape Verde, where the film was set and shot, what it was like working with non-actors and so much more.

Clea DuVall (The Intervention)

May 28 2016

Clea DuVall, director of The Intervention, joins the show.  She and Jeremy discuss what it was like to direct herself, writing and editing the film as well as directing it, art as a way of healing, and so much more!

Ti West (In A Valley of Violence)

May 28 2016

Indie film maker Ti West joins the show to talk about his new western In A Valley of Violence.  He and Jeremy discuss working with Ethan Hawke and John Travolta, why he likes to write, direct and edit all of his films and so much more!


Ceyda Torun (Kedi)

May 26 2014

Ceyda Torun, director of Kedi, joins us on the show.  She and Jeremy discuss her documentary about some of Istanbul's most beloved residents, cats! They talk about what it's like trying to film cats, the history of cats in Istanbul and so much more!

Where Have All The Good Men Gone

Marco Lorenzen, Rene Frelle Petersen, Jette Sondergaard (Where Have All the Good Men Gone)

May 22 2016

Producer Marco Lorenzen, director Rene Frelle Petersen and actress Jette Sondergaard of Where Have All the Good Men Gone, sit down with Jeremy to discuss the film, the Danish film scene, and the influence that american cinema has had on the film industry in Denmark.    

Death By Design

Sue Williams (Death By Design)

May 21 2016

Sue Williams, director of Death By Design, sits down to talk with Jeremy.  They discuss her film which looks at the unintended consequences of constantly improving our electronic devices. Specifically the environmental and health issues that are approaching a tipping point between consumerism and sustainability. Find out more on the official film website. 


James Redford (Resilience)

May 20 2016

Documentarian James Redford joins Jeremy to discuss his upcoming film Resilience.  They discuss the importance of the film, which looks at traumatic stress in children, and so much more.   


Nathan Adloff (Miles)

May 19 2016

Nathan Adloff, director of Miles, joins Jeremy to discuss Miles' world premiere at SIFF, which parts were from Nathan's life, and their love of dial up internet sounds.

The Mads are Back!

Trace Beaulieu (The Mads are Back!)

May 18 2016

One of the Mad Scientists from "Mystery Sceince Theater 3000," Trace Beaulieu, joins Jeremy for a great discussion about MST3K as well as the live comedy riffing on Ed Wood Jr's confusingly told but heartfelt tale of a young transvestite Glen or Glenda.

Linas Phillips (Rainbow Time)

May 10 2016

This provocative yet endearing comedy, produced by the Duplass brothers, introduces Shonzi (Linas Phillips), a developmentally disabled 40-year-old virgin obsessed with The Fonz, filmmaking, and getting laid, who may derail his brother's new relationship.

Nadine Cloete (Action Comandante)

May 6 2016

Film maker and director Nadine Cloete joins Jeremy to discuss the premiere of her first feature length film, Action Comandante. They discuss the impact activist Ashley Kriel had on apartheid in South Africa during the 1980s and so much more!


Jeff Nichols

Jeff Nichols

March 28 2016

Writer and Director Jeff Nichols sits down with Jeremy to discuss his upcoming film Midnight Special as well as their Top 5 actor/director partnerships.


March 25 2016

Taimak, star of the martial arts classic "The Last Dragon", joins Megan and Jeremy to talk about what it was like on set, his upcoming autobiography and more! He also discusses his Top 5 martial arts movies from the 1980s. 

Stephen Tobolowsky

February 28 2016

Stephen Tobolowsky is storyteller, actor and writer. With countless screen credits, you'll recongize him when you see him. Megan and Jeremy practice telling stories and Stephen helps them with advice that you'll want to take to the bank.

Robert Eggers

Robert Eggers

February 19 2016

Director Robert Eggers, winner of Best Director at the Sundance Film Festival for The Witch. He and Jeremy discuss the process of making his first feature length film and also their Top 5 Horror Movie Scores.