Forums and Education

SIFF Education expands and strengthens the community of film lovers and filmmakers in Seattle. Our programs include FutureWave (for youth and educators), Catalyst (for filmmakers), and Film4All (cinema education for everyone). Learn more about our programs here.

Our Festival Forums, listed below, set the stage for engaging discussions, extraordinary demonstrations, and hands-on workshops for a variety of ages and experience levels.

Scoring the New Storytelling Frontier

90 minutes

Music and Sound for film have undergone huge developments, influenced by Video Games, Mobile Platforms, and now Virtual Reality. Join composers Penka Kouneva (Gears of War 3, Transformers), Hummie Mann (Robin Hood: Men in Tights), and sound designer Andy Martin (inFAMOUS) as they tackle sound and music possibilities for these new cinematic experiences.

Short Film Happy Hour and Networking Panel

90 minutes

Make the most of SIFF 2016 and any other festivals you attend through learning techniques from seasoned filmmakers and industry professionals on how to connect with other filmmakers and audience across the Festival.

Who Should Release My Movie?

60 minutes

All filmmakers dream of reaching an audience. Sometimes, that audience is in the theater, but these days, they're just as likely to stay at home. In an age defined by on-demand viewing habits and the golden age of television, what's the best way for movies to find their way into the world?

State of the Short with Kathleen McInnis

60 minutes

From the (short film) front: five key reasons why "finding your audience" should mean more to you than just filling seats in the theater.