ALT Shorts

2013 | 87 minutes |

History is taken out of context and the present is abstracted in this collection of shorts from the other side of cinema.

May 26, 2016
SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival  
9:15 PM Date has passed

Attending: Caryn Cline, Salise Hughes, Drew Christie, Reed O'Beirne, Brian Short, Jon Behrens

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Packaged Films

A Long Way From Home

Sometimes Jesus Himself feels like a motherless child.


An animated odyssey through labyrinths of decay in abandoned buildings.


The dream city inside of a clock becomes the late-night location for a woman to hang out.


Short and sweet bits of home-movie footage from 1958, with rich Ektachrome images and a jazzy score.

Election Year

Nixon and Kennedy speak in looping catchphrases for a split-screen debate.

Emperor of Time

An unreliable narrator talks about how his father, Eadweard Muybridge, was the first man to look at time and say “Stop!”

Human Heart (Overture)

Expressions of the human heart, from nostalgia to surgery to mechanical pumps and back again. 

Little Orphant Annie

To the dream-child come old friends from Slumberland, in this decayed and reconstituted film from 1918.

Pattern for Survival

The Army Survival Manual is illustrated with old industrial films and exercise videos.

Phantom Limbs

A peaceful, abstract short built from MRI images and a lovely song from St. Kilda.


Dark and driving music propels this time-lapsed look at weeds and clouds and grass and more.

The Colors of Boulder in the Summer

Layers of super-saturated color film shot during a Stan Brakhage salon 20 years ago.

The Exquisite Corpus

An expertly edited collage of ’60s (and later) erotica is cut together to create a surrealist’s wet dream.


Freaking cool movie full of temporary graffiti made with flashlights!

Year: 2013
Running Time: 87 minutes