You Can't Trust Anyone: Political Thrillers of the 1970s

February 28, 2017

The 1970s was the decade of Watergate, Vietnam, and plummeting trust in our political institutions. In this class, we'll explore how filmmakers interpreted these cultural changes and reinvigorated the genre of "political thrillers." Join instructor Christopher Rufo as he shares clips of the best 1970s political thrillers and leads a class discussion about their plots, themes, and cinematic technique.

In this seminar, we'll take a look at clips of five award-winning films including The Parallax ViewThree Days of the Condor, and All the President's Men, then discuss what the films reveal about American society. We'll explore the themes of conspiracy, paranoia, and disillusionment and how they're still relevant to our politics today. By the end of the evening, you'll walk away with a solid introduction to the political thriller genre and a "best of" list of films to watch at home.

Class Specifics
Tuesday, February 28, 2017
7:00pm - 9:00pm
SIFF Film Center
$15 | $10 Members

Christopher Rufo has directed three documentaries for PBS and is the co-founder of Filmmaker.MBA. He's been hailed by the New York Times for his "good eye for the unusual" and appeared on NPR, CNN, ABC, CBS, HLN, and FOX News. His upcoming film, America Lost, explores life in three failing American cities.