About Education

SIFF Education is the umbrella program for Catalyst (programs for filmmakers), for FutureWave (programs for youth and educators), and for Film4All (cinema education for everyone). SIFF Education offers a direct link to the Seattle International Film Festival, SIFF Cinema and the local filmmaking community. Celebrating two complementary activities—film viewing and filmmaking—SIFF Education includes compelling, relevant, and enjoyable films alongside meaningful workshops.

Film is a powerful art form, and it is the experience we have with film that can transform our lives. SIFF does just that: our mission is to create experiences that allow us to discover extraordinary films from around the world together. Through these transformative experiences, we foster a community that is more informed, more aware, and more alive.

SIFF Education offers a wide range of programs from digital cinema production trainings, at schools and Community Organizations, to professional development opportunities for filmmakers. The goal is to engage the audience in a more meaningful way with film; to build a community of film lovers and filmmakers who define and develop, through cinema, their own unique artistic voice. We have made access to art education a priority by working in communities widely acknowledged as severely underserved.

The vision of SIFF Education is to build capacity in the local community and support lifelong learning and creativity for all.