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France | 2016 | 105 Minutes | Olivier Assayas

SIFF Cinema Uptown
Winner of Best Director at Cannes, Olivier Assayas, the internationally-acclaimed director of Clouds of Sils Maria and Summer Hours, returns with this ethereal and mysterious ghost story starring Kristen Stewart.


Maureen (Kristen Stewart) is the personal shopper for a high-powered German model/designer and jet-setter who demands an endless supply of clothes and accessories be procured and delivered to her. But Maureen has just suffered a personal trauma: her beloved twin brother, Lewis, to whom she was intensely attached, has just died due to a congenital heart condition. She is also a medium, and attempts to communicate with Lewis while wandering around their cavernous childhood home in Paris, where he died. Gradually, mysterious things begin to occur.

Director: Olivier Assayas
Principal Cast: Kristen Stewart, Lars Eldinger, Anders Danielsel Lie
Country: France
Year: 2016
Running Time: 105 Minutes
Producer: Charles Gillibert
Screenplay: Olivier Assayas
Cinematographers: Yorick Le Saux
Editors: Marion Monnier
Language: English
US Distributor: IFC Films
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