October / November 2016


Bad Moon Rising

d. Scott Hamilton | Australia | 2010 | 8 min

A simple interrogation takes an unexpected turn when the hostage becomes a werewolf.

Waiting For Gorgo

d. Ben Craig | United Kingdom | 2010 | 18 min

Deep under Whitehall lies the ministry of defense's most secret department the DMOA - are these aged men the last line of defense for Briatin's safety from total destruction?


d. Gavin Carlton | USA| 2010 | 11

A dark comedy about a wealthy old man seeking revenge on his young two-timing wife.

Dr Grordbort Presents: The Deadliest Game

d. James Cunningham | New Zealand | 2011 | 7 min

A great Victorian hunter is showing of his collection methods of rare Venusian wildlife - all guns blazing! This sci-fi adventure on Venus is based on the world of Dr Grordbort by Greg Broadmore.


d. Balazs Simonyi | Hungary | 2011 | 8 min

Two men in the night are waiting for their greatest hit...

Primrose Lane

d. Nick Phillips | USA | 2014 | 6 min

Two teenager sisters in 1970's suburbia take an 8mm camera into the long abandoned house at the end of their block.


d. Gayoung Back | Canada | 2011 | 3 min

A young girl discovers that her backpack has her back.

The Mill at Calder's End

d. Kevin McTurk | USA | 2014 | 14 min

Nicholas Grimshaw returns to his childhood home intent on breaking a generations old family curse, featuring the voices of Barbara Steele and Jason Flemyng.


Ten Years Latter

d. Lindy Boustedt | USA | 2014 | 14 min

After being released from prison, Alice hunts down the person who put her there. Her sister.

Kubrick Project

d. Olivier Jagut | France |2011 | 5 min

An immersion into the Stanley Kubrick's obsessive fascination for Napoleon Bonaparte and the movie that he attempted to make about the emperor's life.


d. James Cunningham | New Zealand | 2013 | 6 min

Two robots will do anything to get out of doing their boring jobs.

The Hard Day Knights

d. Alex Italics | USA | 2012 | 7 min

The angst-filled experience of a struggling Beatles tribute band, beset from without by a barrage of more successful cover acts, and from within by 'creative differences.'


d. James Cunningham | New Zealand | 2009 | 11 min

Two New Zealand soldiers trapped behind enemy lines find an orphaned baby.


d. Seth Keal |  USA | 2012 | 16 min

Mr. Lee, an adopted stray cat, routinely disappeared from his North Carolina home for days on end. Intrigued by Mr. Lee's whereabouts, his owner Juergen, a German engineer, created a camera designed to fit around the feline's neck. Engineered to capture continuous photographs, Juergen hoped to discover the mysterious life of his cat. After many unsuccessful attempts, Mr. Lee returned with the camera intact and photographic evidence of his travels. Intrigued by his findings, Juergen published the photographs on the internet, unaware that his small invention would send shockwaves around the world and alter his life forever.

Game of Glass

d. Sabrina Sarabi | Germany | 2009 | 10 min

Maike is in love. Sven is in love. In reality Sven doesn't even talk to Maike because she is sitting in a wheelchair, not participating in teenage life. One day, she is confronted with reality...

Another Day with You ep.1
d. Gregory Van Horn,  Rob Morrow,  John Zinman | USA | 2015
Staring Cougar Town's Bob Clendenin as "Bob" and series creator Amy Goddard as "Amy," Another Day With You takes us into the lives of 2 perfectly ordinary, long married people. Everybody has a wife who gets into a fight with the dishwasher repair man, has a momentary lack of judgment and wants you to jump out of a moving taxi and crashes her car, with you in the passenger seat, because she was watching a shirtless jogger. Right? It's just Another Day With You.